Vanilla Dream

Traditional light Vanilla cake with velvety

Madagascan vanilla buttercream

(This can be coupled with or without seedless Raspberry conserve)

White Chocolate & Raspberry​

Light Vanilla sponge with freeze dried raspberry pieces,

layered with seedless Raspberry

conserve and white chocolate buttercream

Lemon Sparkle ​

Zesty, light Lemon Sponge with poppy seed infused with a zingy Lemon syrup

layered with the finest lemon curd and smooth lemon buttercream

Raspberry Ripple

Freeze dried Raspberry pieces suspended in a light

vanilla sponge ​​​layered with seedless Raspberry

conserve and smooth buttercream reminiscent

of raspberry ripple ice-cream

 Banoffee Bonanza

 Lush moist Banana cake layered with a rich Toffee

 buttercream and a drizzle of decadent toffee sauce

English toffee and salted caramel 

Moist light toffee cake layered with a home made salted toffee

sauce and Dulce de leche buttercream

Spiced Carrot cake with Orange​ buttercream

Rich and light spiced Carrot cake sponge complimented by a fresh tangy Orange smooth buttercream

Almond and Sour Cherry with Bakewell buttercream

Moist Almond sponge containing only the finest ground almonds

layered with a rich sour cherry compote and a decadent Bakewell buttercream


Coconut & Lime 

Soft, moist coconut sponge with added coconut cream for richness layered with a zingy Lime Mojito conserve and a Zesty Lime infused Buttercream

Pina Colada (Pineapple and Coconut)

Beautifully tropical Coconut sponge layered with a Pineapple jam and a Pina colada style ​buttercream

*Non alcoholic

Vanilla & Peach Bellini

Beautiful vanilla cake flavoured with Madagascan Vanilla pods partnered with a

Peach Bellini conserve and Peach buttercream.

*Non alcoholic

Double Chocolate Indulgence

Extra moist rich chocolate cake layered with chocolate ganache and heavenly chocolate buttercream

Seville Orange cake with Chocolate ganache

Mediterranean Orange cake partnered with a luscious chocolate ganache...Simply heaven!

Chocolate mint

Extra moist rich chocolate cake layered with chocolate ganache and a fresh minted

buttercream laced with chopped mint Aero chocolate

Chocolate &  Irish Cream

Beautifully light moist chocolate cake partnered with chocolate ganache and a

velvety Irish cream flavour buttercream

*Non alcoholic

Biscoff Breeze

Beautiful light golden sponge filled with a Biscoff buttercream

and a light caramel toffee sauce

Red Velvet

Light and devilishly red this mocha velvet cake is sure to delight. 

It is partnered with a smooth white chocolate buttercream


This saucy little number can be made with either chocolate or vanilla cake and it is layered with a tiramisu

buttercream flavouring containing Marsala wine.

Contains Hazelnuts

Reese's Pieces

Beautiful rich Chocolate cake filled with a peanut butter infused buttercream 

laced with chunks of this indulgent treat

*Contains Nuts

Rich Chocolate & Lime

Rich, moist Chocolate cake sandwiched together with a lime curd and buttercream

Reminiscent of the days of Chocolate lime sweets...Yummy!

Cafe Latte & Walnut

Moist rich Coffee cake infused with quality ground beans and finely chopped Walnuts. 

Sandwiched together with a creamy light coffee infused buttercream reminiscent of the of the foam which compliments the perfect brewed Latte.  Perfection!

*Contains Nuts

Moist rich fruit cake

Unlike most fruit cakes which were black, unbearably rich and sticky this is a much lighter version.

Still packed with brandy & Sherry soaked fruit and slowly cooked until a dark golden brown​​ my

recipe produces a more enjoyable moist cake which never fails to please!

Covered with a white almond paste and decorated to style.​

  • We are able to bake for most food intolerance's and Allergies as well as Vegan. 

  • Whilst every effort is made to ensure there is no cross contamination the kitchen is used to bake goods containing allergens.  Goods are stored separately and everything is labelled but due to recent law changes clients should be aware.

  • Sometimes manufacturers use facilities to make ingredients where they may also use nuts.  For this Amaysing Bakes cannot be held responsible as clients will be informed.


** Please note not all flavours can be diet adapted and unless otherwise requested or stated all bakes will contain wheat, eggs, dairy, Milk, Nuts etc.  All allergens will be highlighted on packaging

© 2021 Created by Claire Townsend (Public use of or copying of my images/cake designs may lead to action being enforced against the perpetrator. Permission to use images must be obtained and not recreated in entirity by another cake professional)

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