Meet the baker

Claire Townsend - Cake designer

Welcome to my page... Where to begin...

From a very young age I loved to bake and was always pestering my Mum to let me create something in the kitchen.  I admired my Mum for her love of baking and cooking and her encouragement really motivated me to try new skills.  Just 6 years ago, I baked a home made carrot cake and mixed up some buttercream ready to embark on making my Dad's 65th birthday cake. Feeling completely out of my depth I muddled together a model man in an allotment.  Surprised that my efforts were actually good enough to receive some complements and generate some orders I decided to have another go.  Since then I have not looked back.  I have literally soaked up knowledge from every source possible and taught myself how to be a cake designer.  Creating cakes was always a hobby but eventually I became too busy to say that anymore and so I decided in April 2018 to leave my full time job and venture out into the cake world...I will never look back!  Just 7 months into my new full time career and baking adventure I attended Cake international at the NEC and proudly walked away with an award for my wedding cake design.  My hotel is booked already for this years trip in November and I cannot wait!

Along with the decision to set up a business came the task of finding a name.  Its something i'm asked about a lot.  That job proved to be very easy indeed as I decided to dedicate it to my Mum who passed away in April 2015.  She was and still is my inspiration and as my maiden name was Mays it was perfect...  Amaysing Bakes by Claire was born!


Cakes are not just an artistic licence;  where I get to bake for someone's celebration.  They are a little piece of my heart filled with love that warms the soul and brings a smile to the face of the recipient.  A very special friend of mine forever tells me that food is love on a plate!  I believe she is correct; as the tears of joy I see when clients see their cakes and bakes is most touching.  

I am a self confessed perfectionist and I strive to achieve the very best results for my valued clients.  This is what I believe keeps people making recommendations! You can never stop learning and so I regularly attend workshops and courses to keep my talents fresh and exciting.  Cake design is absolutely amazing as the only limit really is your imagination.

I am overwhelmed how fast my little venture took off and I'm blessed that I have never had to advertise.  Word of mouth really is the best advertising...for that I'm truly blessed and very grateful.  

Both nationally and regionally I have won awards as Wedding cake designer of the year.  I guess all my hard work paid off!

My family are very supportive and help me so much to follow my dreams.  My wonderful husband has now built me a purpose built kitchen in my spare room. This allows me to work from home.  Perhaps a good thing as at least my family get to see me....If I were to be in a shop I'd never be at home!  I'm doing things now that I could never have imagined...creating a website is one thing I never thought I'd do (at least not by myself!).

I have worked very hard and I continue to do so. I now supply a local hotel with home baked cake for their spa cafe and I am a preferred supplier to some of the grandest wedding venues in Essex!  

Through it all though, the client is still my main focus and I strive to make each and everyone feel comfortable and special so they can rest easy and know they will receive an amaysing bake!!

Pictured above beside me is my daughter Kiera who is currently studying Culinary arts at Westminster Kingsway college, London  She is also passionate about cake and dreams of being a Patisserie chef. Invaluably, shes my little helper and the one I strive to encourage to exceed her comfort zone.  We often attend courses together and she helps me when I'm busy.  She won a silver award at cake international too! Here she is below with the famous cakers and her cake. She also won the chance to help present on the stage! I'm so very proud of her and it drives me to know she too has a passion for baking.


Kiera here meeting and chatting to the Extreme of many meets!


Kiera on stage at the Squires kitchen with the lovely Molly presenting and renowned cake designer Rhiannyd Webb demonstrating with Kiera's help