Mini / Micro weddings

Wedding cake set up to Barn Brasserie
Wedding at Fanhams Hall
Wedding postponment cake

Before 2020 hit the wedding industry adversely with Covid-19 the term Micro weddings had never been known!  So, just how did I adapt wedding cakes to fit the day perfectly?  Basically it was just a case of establishing what the couple wanted to include the most.  In many cases they wanted the sugar flowers they had chosen, incorporation of their theme and often a statement cake befitting their smaller dream wedding.  Most couples agreed that a wedding without a cake just didn't feel right.  They wanted the iconic cutting of the cake picture!  I agreed and set about making cakes to fit the bill.  They don't have to be massive but they do need to look beautiful and taste exquisite!

Below are a few examples of smaller cakes to show you what is possible if you too are having a

more intimate Wedding.

Wedding at Pontlands Park
Bride and Groom models Wedding at Canary Wharf
Wedding to be cake