"Award winning Wedding cake designer"

How to choose your Wedding cake...


A wedding cake is just a cake, right?  Wrong!  Its a statement within your wedding.  It's a masterpiece created just for you to your specifications, one which compliments the day and reflects your personality.  It is a customised piece of culinary art which is something you want to share with your guests.  People will look at it closely, photograph it and talk about it for years to come and, for this very reason, you need to get it right.  If you have a cake which only looks good but compromises on taste then you can bet your bottom dollar people WILL discuss it afterwards! 

You need a complete cake service which delivers on everything from not only the service and appearance but also offers the taste which is so important.  At Amaysing Bakes we strive to deliver on all of these points and provide a top quality bake using the finest ingredients for an affordable cost.  We have excellent feedback from many returning customers...Some of whom I made their wedding cake and now continue to make cakes for their baby showers and children's birthdays!  Reviews are available on my Facebook page which may help you in your quest.  Below I have put together a checklist of information which will be required at your cake consultation.  It gives you a list of things to think about so that the whole process doesn't feel so daunting!  By knowing what you want it gives me, the cake designer, some clear guidance which ultimately leads to you getting the cake of your dreams!

At your cake consultation you will take home a box of 12 decorated cupcakes in up to 6 flavours, chosen by you before we meet, from my list.  Enjoy them at your leisure and then let me know what you choose...yummy!

So, Lets get started...

  • What date have you chosen?  Upon deciding you wish to enlist me as your cake designer it is really important you check I am available on your big day.  If you know your date upon enquiry it can save us both so much heartache later!  If I am available great!  This is where you will be encouraged to place a holding deposit down to secure the date for you.  I will only do one wedding a week so I can give each one my full precision attention.  Holding deposits are now £100 and they are non refundable but they are totally deducted from your overall cost so in effect it not only saves the date but also allows you to pay your cake off in instalments.

  • How many guests are you catering for?  This is really important.  Of course it doesn't have to be a final head count and it can be changed but there is no point creating a magnificent cake to feed 200 people if you only need 50 portions.  There are lots of other ways we can create show stopping bakes cost effectively.  By knowing how many we are catering for I can work out your sizing more easily and advise you better.

  • What style or design are you looking for? I usually suggest my couples look for ideas and inspiration of what they would like.  Google, pinterest, magazines etc are all excellent resources which can inspire you.  Its possible to draw inspiration from several sources and amalgamate the ideas into one cake.  Equally as important is to note down things you don't like and this helps me to build and design a cake truly bespoke for you.  I never recreate a cake as then its not individual.  Far more fun that copying someone else's design.  You may wish to consider colour to accentuate details and co-ordinate with your day, you may like it plain or rustic...It is your cake so you choose whatever you like.  Simple can look just as stunning as extravagant.  Most of all urge you to consider each other.  Make sure you are both happy.  Its confusing isn't it?  I have but one chance to get it right for you and to execute it perfectly...these steps help me to do that. 


  • Do you have a budget in mind?  It is very important to consider cost.  Some people don't have a set budget for their cake and cost is not a deciding factor whilst for others every penny counts.  I am flexible and happy to work with you either way but I would just urge you to be realistic and set your goals within an achievable boundary.  I try to offer you as much of your dream that is possible for your pocket but I am not a miracle worker unfortunately.  This is my livelihood and I need to earn a wage from it so please do not ask me to create a bespoke opulent cake for the same money as a generic supermarket price.  It is never going to be a viable option.  I pride myself on using top quality ingredients...not packet mixes and I don't cut corners.  Poor quality produce produces poor quality goods.  Tell me your budget if you have one in advance and we can work together to achieve the best we can without wasting each others time.  

  • Do you need to consider special dietary requirements?  The baking industry has fast evolved around the free from market and I pride myself on being a cake maker who is flexible and able to offer cake to everyone.  I regularly bake occasion cakes which are free from gluten, soy, dairy and eggs.  Cake is a luxury there to be enjoyed by everyone and so I have spent time developing my recipes so not only do they look good they taste good and most don't know they are eating free from goods.  I am approved to bake free from goods and stick to very strict guidelines.  

  • What flavour do you wish to have?  It is a common trend now to choose multiple flavours...one flavour per tier.  Over the many years I have been baking I have built an extensive list of favours from the classic to the more adventurous.  They are vast and varied but if you still cannot see a flavour you'd like please just ask as I can accommodate your requests.  I offer samples so you can try before you buy so to speak and I encourage every one to taste my cakes because only then will you know if I am the right baker for you.  My customers are my pride and joy and I am grateful to each and everyone of you that has chosen me over the years.  (Please see the flavours page for the choices)

  • Venue and transportation? Who will be taking the cake to the venue? In the vast majority of cases I deliver the cake to the venue and set it all up for you included in the price.  It saves you stress on your big day and ensures it is set up correctly.  I have had clients travel 250 miles with cake before now and so long as I know your plans I can help to secure it for transit.  If you are collecting yourself you will be asked to sign a disclaimer and be given a sheet with transportation advice.  I am NOT responsible for any self transported cakes.. However, I carry insurance for cakes that I deliver; from my front door to venue table it is insured and if your cake does get ruined you will be insured to receive full payment back.  I have never had to use my insurance but it offers piece of mind.

Once you are in receipt of all of this information we can set about creating your cake design.  Until non refundable deposits are paid any designs are mine and will not be handed over.  Of course once booking fees are paid the design is available for you.  The reason I do this is to prevent couples from taking my designs to another cake maker who will try to undercut me to glean the commission...yes it has been done!  Out of courtesy to fellow bakers I try not to copy another cake in entirety but to take the design tweak it and make it my own.